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Tax for Teachers - what you need to know when it comes to filing a tax return, declaring additional (side hustle) income, claiming tax reliefs and hopefully securing a tax refund (if eligible). 


Employees of the education sector are entitled to claim various tax reliefs each year. Don't let yours go unclaimed!!


Join Alan Purcell of CloudAccounts to learn just what tax credits and reliefs you are entitled to claim when conducting your PAYE Tax Return. Alan will help you get a better understanding of your tax circumstances, what you are eligible to claim for in the form of tax credits, reliefs and flat rate expenses, along with answers to questions posed specifically by teachers.


Bonus: You will receive a €50 discount code to be used against a PAYE-Review with CloudAccounts (valid until September 30th, 2023) !! Perfect to understand and manage your personal tax circumstances once and for all.

Tax for Teachers- On Demand Webinar

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